about the cottage

Blue Water Bungalow

Blue Water Bungalow was originally a real estate office, then a beauty shop. But it's location being so close to the lake, the boat ramp and marina and great views of the lake and mountains, made it the ideal location for a nightly rental, too. So, one day as we were driving by we saw a For Sale sign. We stopped to see the inside and was surprised to find crown molding and large window and a perfect size for a romantic  lake cottage rental. So, we made a rather low offer and was very happy that it was accepted. That was 12 years ago, in 2007. Our guests have been loving the bungalow ever since!

Being so close to Eureka Springs, where there is a plethora of Victorian houses, cottages and bed and breakfast inns, and so close to Beaver Lake, the White River and Kings River, where there are so many log cabins, we just didn't want to go those directions. We wanted it to be fresh, cozy, comfortable, modern and very relaxing. Based on our reviews and our own experiences of staying at "the bungalow", we believe we accomplished that. We believe you will agree!

The cottage offers many amenities. There is a large TV in the living room and a smaller one in the bedroom. Both rooms have DirecTV and DVD players. We even have a computer and Wi-Fi for you to "check things out on the web!" The kitchen has everything you need to cook and to enjoy your meals. You can even use our spices if you want! There is a blender, microwave, toaster and garbage disposal. All glassware and utensils...even a pizza cutter and a cooking thermometer! LOL

Although we have always had the large, 2 person jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, we still had several requests for an outdoor hot tub as well. So, a few years ago we bought one. So, now you can soak inside or outside and let the water jets blow your cares away!

There are 2 golf courses within a short drive of the bungalow. One is an 18 hole course, the other is a 9 hole course. There are also 2 swimming pools, tennis courts and a playground area for small children. All within a very short drive from the bungalow. There are small Day Use Fees for these places.


about the owners


We are both from meager beginnings. Amazingly loving families with hardworking parents, strong Christian influences in our lives that have shaped us into who we are. People loving people! I was born in Eureka Springs, like my family for 4 generations before me and two after me, so far. Laurie is from Springfield, Missouri, just 90 miles from Eureka Springs, and believe it or not, had never been to Eureka Springs in her life, until we started dating in 1998. We each have two children from previous marriages, as well as 6 grandchildren...so far.

Laurie working in the banking business and I am a tour guide that has become an entrepreneur. We have a tour business in Eureka Springs - www.EurekaSpringsTramTours.com and in Branson, Missouri - www.VIPToursOfBranson.com. We have Blue Water Bungalow in Eureka Springs and Lula's Luxury Tuscan Getaway - www.LulasGetaway in Branson. On top of these businesses I also have what we will just call "the   Parent Company, Joe Gunnels Tours. Which is a group tour business that helps larger groups of 15 or more people with reservations for lodging, shows, meals, tours, transportation, etc. We offer that service for pretty much all of Arkansas and Missouri, as well as the surrounding states.

So, as you can tell, we are very busy people. Hard working too. We are very grateful for all the business we get. Though we don't get to meet many of our guests, we love them all. We have sincerely worked hard and prayed hard to make our dreams of owning a nightly rental business a reality. We have made both of our places (Lula's Getaway and Blue Water Bungalow) just as nice as we possibly can...for YOU. We hope you choose to stay with us and that you love our places as much as we do! God bless!